#waybackwednesday – Recruitment 101 Recap

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“Being a recruiter is so rewarding,” said Michael Dha, Managing Director of STRIVE Recruitment, “you get to change someone’s life by placing them into a role they can grow into.”

As the first of many workshops to come, HRSA’s Recruitment 101 workshop invited special guests from various recruitment firms, including Michael Dha of STRIVE Recruitment, Graham Lade and Kevin Britton of HAYS, as well as Mathew Low and Kimberley Wysseier of Annex Consulting Group. STRIVE Recruitment provided a detailed view of our local recruitment industry while HAYS opened doors to international recruitment opportunities. Speakers from Annex Consulting Group dove into the trending niche market of IT management consulting in today’s tech-based business world.

These industry professionals shared their personal journeys in becoming recruiters, along with many rewarding experiences in their respective companies. They emphasized the growing importance of networking on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, answered each of your questions, and gave some awesome tips on how to catch their attention when applying for jobs.

During the workshop, we learned the importance of being adaptable, inquisitive, hardworking, and focused when job-searching in the HR field. As students, we can improve these skills by simply getting involved! Whether it is through your education, volunteer work, co-op jobs, case competitions, clubs, or associations, the bottom line, as Mathew calls it, is to “invest in yourself.”

A special thanks to SFSS for sponsoring our filling selection of sandwiches and refreshments! While busy networking (and snacking) after the workshop, everyone got the chance to mingle with our knowledgeable speakers. It was great to hear that attendees got detailed feedback on questions and had a blast with these friendly professionals. Some people even made great connections with potential co-op employers!

For more rewarding networking opportunities like this one, stay updated through HRSA’s Facebook and Twitter accounts! Be sure to also get involved in our upcoming CHRP Information Session on November 7th.

To learn more about recruiting, check out last year’s blog on The Strategic Importance of Recruitment for details. With that extra piece of info, you’ll be sure to impress a potential employer in your next recruitment session!

By Ranita Lau