Upcoming Events

HR NOW 2016

Event Date: November 19, 2016

HR NOW is a half day conference  hosted by SFU HRSA in the Fall for students to discover the latest industry trends from a variety of Human Resource Management professionals with multiple backgrounds. Through a series of panels, workshops, and a keynote, students will leave HR NOW with a better understanding of the different paths they can take with a Human Resource Management concentration. Moreover, attendees at this event will get a chance to hear from some of the top minds in HR and meet like-minded peers that share a passion for human resource management.

Spring Soirée 2017

Event Date: March 16, 2017

As HRSA’s annual stand-up professional networking night, Spring Soirée takes place during the month of March. The event sees students from Simon Fraser University and other post-secondary institutions come together and interact with business professionals from the HR industry. This event features two guest speakers and concludes with a silent auction, with all proceeds going toward a local non-profit organization. By providing students of all academic concentrations the opportunity to meet and network with industry professionals, HRSA hopes to see an invaluable relationship being built between the two parties.