The Strategic Importance of Recruitment

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Ever wondered what recruitment is, what the recruitment process entails, and why it is vital to every organization? Human talent is the world’s most sought-after commodity and the process of searching and attracting this commodity is at the heart of every organization. Recruitment is “the process of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants, which begins with the identification of a position that requires staffing, and is completed when resumes and/or completed application forms are received from an adequate number of applicants.”

Job openings are identified based on the organization’s strategic plan or manager request. They may also arise unexpectedly due to employee resignations or terminations. In any case, job requirements are then determined for the corresponding positions based on the job descriptions and specifications. To prepare yourself, it is advised that you remain up-to-date with organizations that interest you. Changes to their organizational culture and infrastructure may create job opportunities.

Once the company identifies the need for hiring, the source and method of recruitment will be chosen. Organizations can recruit from within the organization and/or outside the organization. Many organizations begin by recruiting from within to enhance commitment, morale, and performance. That said, if any vacant positions cannot be filled by eligible employees, the hiring company must hire externally; most entry-level positions are also usually filled by external candidates. Online recruiting, which includes accessing internet job boards, using corporate websites, and using social networking websites, has become one of the most popular external recruitment methods for many companies. Lastly, co-operative education programs and job fairs also among some of the most powerful methods of recruitment.

Finally, the recruitment process is completed once a pool of qualified candidates is generated. The next step is selection, which is the process of choosing among the candidates who have been recruited.

For any organization, regardless of the size and field, the ability to recruit a qualified workforce is crucial. As an organization’s workforce typically drives the organization’s productivity, the organization’s level of performance and competitive advantage is largely dependent on the quality of its workforce. If you are interested in recruitment or would like to learn more about the recruitment process, please stay tuned for our upcoming event, Insider Edition: A Recruitment Panel. This event will give you the opportunity to view your career in recruitment from a recruiter’s perspective and network with the recruiters present on that day. Be sure to stay connected with us, as we will be updating you with more information!