Spring Soirée 2015 Event Recap

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HRSA’s fourth annual stand up networking event, Spring Soirée, took place on March 18th at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver. This year’s theme was change management and we were lucky to be joined by Lorie Corcuera of SPARK Creations, Sheila Gonzalez of Lululemon, and Lewisa Anciano of Coast Capital Savings.


Lorie started the evening by sharing her personal change story with the audience. She described how she was overworked in her previous position and realized that she needed to discover her true self. This desire of hers is how she came to be the Co-Founder of SPARK Creations, an organization that facilitates leadership and empowerment within other organizations. During her presentation, she also shared how we, as individuals, can learn how to embrace change through understanding our fears and defining our core values with the following five tips:

1) Define your core values

2) Define your purpose 

3) Understand your fear

4) Create a flow plan

5) Who are you spending time with?

“We are not in HR just for the people, we want to make sure that everyone is seen, heard, and loved” – Lorie Corcuera


Next, Sheila focused on the role of a change agent within an organization, specifically within Lululemon’s recent reorganization. She continued by explaining the necessity of spending a significant amount of time planning and communicating the change, as this allowed the change to happen more naturally at each individual’s own pace.
Sheila also gave students a piece of advice in dealing with change:

1) Have conversation

2) Reach out to your network

3) Find out what you want now

“To combat resistance to change, create an open environment where employees are comfortable in asking questions” – Sheila Gonzalez


Our last speaker of the night, Lewisa, discussed the struggles organizations may face in change situations and how one can go about it. She focused on the employees’ needs and emotions, and also the importance of addressing these issues before moving forward with any change initiatives. Lewisa brought up many true statements during her presentation in regards to change management: “If you want a career in managing change, you need to be okay with dysfunction”, “People don’t resist change, they resist of being changed. In addition, Lewisa also introduced students her definition of a change cycle:

1) Unaware

2) Blame others

3) Personal excuses

4) Wait and hope

5) Acknowledge reality

6) Own it

7) Find solutions

8)Get on with it

“Always seek first to understand before being understood. Understand what is motivating people” – Lewisa Anciano


Spring Soirée 2015 was a memorable experience and provided valuable insights on change management for all our attendees. The silent auction raised a total of $895 and will directly go towards Free the Children

Thank you to our attendees for joining us for the evening, our volunteers for assisting us in preparing, our lovely sponsors for their kind donations to our silent auction, and also our wonderful photographer Charmaine Chan for capturing every moment. Photos from the evening can be viewed here.

The Human Resources Student Association Executive Team and Spring Soirée 2015 Organizing Committee thank you all for your support and love. See you all next year!

Attendee’s Comments About the Evening:


Written by Annie Lo, Communications Coordinator of SFU HRSA Spring Soirée Organizing Committee