Recap of the Summer Meet & Greet

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The HRSA Exec team of 2013-2014 recently held their first event, “Meet & Greet”, on July 18th. There were many familiar faces and students who came from different clubs in the Beedie Community to support us. Many people showed up early to mingle with each other. The first activity that the attendees had to do was participate in some intense icebreakers. Trust me; the ice was broken really fast after the first round of games. There were many screams and laughter which established a bond between the executives and the attendees. After icebreakers, there was a presentation and prizes were given out to the trivia and social media contest winners. Just when one thought the event was over, the attendees were put into groups to participate in an activity called, “Protons & Electrons”. It was an activity that required them to give us their thoughts on what we can provide them in the near future and what we can improve on. Throughout, we all enjoyed refreshments and delicious snacks. I’m sure we all grabbed more than one brownie bite – I mean, who can resist the goodness of the soft chocolate pastry!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our first event of the year and we look forward to seeing you again at our next event! If you want to get involved with us, please do not hesitate to shoot us an e-mail ( or like us on Facebook to be updated!