Past Events


Past Events

There a number of events occurring from Summer 2012 to Spring 2013.

[accordion_content title=”HR NOW” title_size=”h3″]Date: March 25, 2013

Take part in a one-day event that will be open to all schools across the lower mainland with networking sessions, panels, and presentations by HR professionals on various topics such as strategic HR, consulting, and tips on landing your ideal job. The event will provide students with an insight on various career paths of an HR designation.[/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”Spring Soirée” title_size=”h3″]Date: March 25, 2013

This event is HRSA’s second annual professional networking night. Spring Soirée is an elegant stand-up networking evening featuring two guest speakers. This event provides students of all concentrations with the opportunity to meet and network with HR professionals.[/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”CHRP Workshops” title_size=”h3″]Dates: October 17, 2012 & March 6, 2013

HRSA invites British Columbia Human Resources Management Association (BC HRMA) members to speak on the values and benefits of the Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) designation and involvement opportunities in the HR community. This workshop is hosted once in Fall and Spring semester, and is essential to learning about progressing in the HR field.[/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”Networking 101″ title_size=”h3″]Date: February 27, 2013

Networking 101 is a casual networking workshop where recruiters from various firms will be providing insights and advice on proper networking etiquette, as well as sharing their past experiences and perspectives as a recruiter. This year, Anda Prunianu from Deloitte is our workshop recruiter.[/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”Insider Edition: A Recruitment Panel” title_size=”h3″]Date: January 16, 2013

As our club is committed to the success of our member’s careers and curricula, we are introducing three new professionals from the recruitment field. This will give you the opportunity to view your career in recruitment from a different perspective and network with professionals in this area.[/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”What is HR? Icebreaker” title_size=”h3″]Date: October 2, 2012

Come out and learn more about HRSA, what we do as a club, and what opportunities are available to you! If you are already a member, someone who is interested in membership, or just a student who is curious about our student club, please come out to our icebreaker! You can meet the Executive Team in person, network with other students, or speak to Stephanie Ngo who is the BCHRMA Student Representative this year! (Poster & Event Details)[/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”Climbing the HR Ladder” title_size=”h3″]Date: October 2, 2012

Ever wondered what your career would turn out to be after graduation? This summer, HRSA offered offering a unique opportunity for 35 students to gain face time with industry professionals from BC Hydro, Vivonet, and Hostelling-International, so that they may learn more about their career paths. (Poster & Event Details)[/accordion_content]

[accordion_content title=”HRSA Premiere” title_size=”h3″]Date: September 18, 2012

HRSA PREMIERE was an exciting celebration to kick-start our new year. Our organization has gone through a marvelous change throughout the past year and it is undoubtedly a milestone year for us. This event provided an unparalleled modern and fun atmosphere for students while delivering the latest breaking HR news at SFU. (Poster & Event Details)[/accordion_content]



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