Networking 101 with SFU Beedie CMC and Colleen Wong!

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On March 1st, we hosted Networking 101, a joint workshop in collaboration with the Career Management Center (CMC) of SFU Beedie. This event was planned to provide students an opportunity to learn about how to network with professionals and important things to consider when networking. We were happy to have brought in special guest speaker Colleen Wong, SFU Beedie alumna and Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at the Mindfield Group!

The early Saturday morning started with Eunice Koh, Career Advisor from the CMC, providing students with key tips on the process of networking, and activities which reason why students should network.

“Networking helps to build presence in the industry and provide a face to the name.”

With a focus on why employers want to network with students and what are they looking for, she pointed out that employers are looking for candidates that are the right fit for their company culture, and they want to learn about the candidate beyond the resume and cover letter.

“Employers are interested in questions that demonstrate knowledge, show interest, and are positive and genuine.” Eunice highlighted the importance of actively listening and engaging the professionals in meaningful conversation. Her group activity, which paired people to interact and start a conversation, helped the students engage with strangers and allowed them to connect at a more personal level.


The second half of the workshop facilitated by Colleen allowed her to share her journey as a student, along with many rewarding experiences in her company. She emphasized the growing importance of networking on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter,and gave tips on how to catch professional attention while networking.

“Networking is like working out. Therefore, it’s necessary to plan in advance.”

She highlighted some of the excuses that student provide for not attending networking events and how these excuses do not really align with the current business environment. She encourages students to network at least three to five times a month. “Building connections is a lifelong investment, hence start early.”  

Overall, the event had a positive learning vibe; students who attended learnt great tips and skills regarding networking. Thank you to the CMC, Eunice Koh, and Colleen Wong for helping out with this event, and to our sponsors Pizza Point for providing food and refreshments!

By: Muhammad Taha

Director of Corporate Affairs