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Introducing HRSA’s Annual Networking Event: Spring Soirée

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SFU Human Resources Students Association (HRSA) will be holding its fourth annual stand-up professional networking event on March 18th, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver Hotel. This event is open to all post-secondary students across Metro Vancouver, and is not limited to only business students concentrating in Human Resources. Spring Soirée warmly welcome business students from other concentrations (i.e. Accounting), as well as other faculties’ students studying outside of Business (i.e. Computer Science). We hope to provide an open platform where students are able to connect with industry professionals, and also interact with like-minded peers, in an intimate but professional environment.

Spring Soirée will feature three keynote speakers who will deliver their focus on change management from both professional and personal standpoints; each distinguished speaker will be sharing their insights and experiences to enlighten students on how to manage change in different environments. In addition, there will be a number of networking sessions throughout the evening where students and industry professionals will have the opportunity to build invaluable relationships with one another, while also receiving exposures to the industries the students are interested in. The event will then come to an end with a silent auction with all proceeds going towards Free the Children – an international charity operating in over 45 countries to educate and empower students to become leaders of tomorrow. The proceeds will assist the charity in organizing campaigns and fundraisers to raise awareness and provide support for youths all over the world.

Last year, Spring Soirée featured three distinguished Human Resource professional speakers, held a silent auction for the Union Gospel Mission, and brought together students and industry professionals in what turned out to be a rewarding evening for all.

The three notable keynote speakers that attended last year signature networking event were:

  1. Rocky Ozaki (Director of People & Culture at chimp.net) → he highlighted the importance of building a strong network and making the most of opportunities to develop quality relationships with others in the industry.

  2. Samantha Sallovitz (HR Manager of Western Canada for Canadian Springs) → she spoke about the impact of HR on cultural and organizational performance, and shared some of her best HR practices that she had implemented during her role.

  3. Agata Zasada (Talent Manager at HootSuite) → she described her transition from student to employee by sharing her career path from a professional and educational standpoint.

Spring Soirée 2014 was a memorable experience and provided tremendous value for all attendees. In addition, the silent auction, for the Union Gospel Mission, also raised a total of $340!

Exciting, isn’t it?

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t miss this once in a year opportunity to network and build connections with industry professionals (which can possibly lead to future internship/career opportunities!) and educate yourself in the industry you are interested in going into!

“It just gets better and better!”

Make sure to save the date, as well as stay tune for any update!

Registration for the event will be available to the public very shortly!


Written by Annie Lo, Communications Coordinator of SFU HRSA Spring Soirée Organizing Committee