The Recruiter’s Seat: Hanna Bouchard – Verus Recruiting Consultants

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As a Senior Recruiting Consultant and Agency Director for Western Canada for Verus Recruiting Consultants, Hanna Bouchard‘s typical day in the office is very busy. Therefore, multi-tasking is a key skills in handling her daily phone calls, e-mails, meetings, and interviews with potential candidates and clients. Even with a heavy workload, the most enjoyable part of being a recruiter for Hanna is helping people succeed in their business, and the satisfaction is gained from helping her candidates bridge their passions with their job.

Hannah began her career in corporate sales and gained valuable experience in understanding the job market. Her many years of experience has allowed her to participate and learn about recruiting. Her enthusiasm in recruiting led her to her current role at Verus Recruiting Consultants as the Senior Recruiting Consultant and Agency Director for Western Canada. She focuses on a wide range of industries including Sales and Management, IT, Healthcare, Marketing, and Finance. For more information, check out the website at:

Verus Recruiting Consultants is a nation-wide recruitment firm with branches in Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. With specializations in sales, management, HR, operations, and administration, Verus Recruitment specialists all have one thing in common: real world experience. The Vancouver branch originated with Hanna and another co-worker as the sole employees in the firm, their success in the business expanded the Vancouver branch to eight Recruiters; as a result, Verus Recruiting Consultants continue to grow as a leader in the recruitment industry. They go the extra mile every time for their clients and candidates and have a high success rate with placements.

“High emotional intelligence is a crucial characteristic in recruiters because of their interaction with a wide array of clients and candidates with different backgrounds and personalities,” Hanna says. She mentioned that students who are interested in becoming a recruiter should have a friendly personality, are able to work well with people and have a strong desire to help others succeed in their job. Before entering the recruitment industry, students need to put in time and effort to succeed in the field. They should gain some experience in recruitment – finding good candidates and matching them to their designated professions. They can gain this experience through programs such as Verus Recruiting’s Summer Internship opportunity.

Written by Jennifer Quach, External Relations Official