In the shoes of a CEO at Jouta Performance Group: Cori Maedel

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Cori Maedel is the founder and Chief Executive Officer for The Jouta Performance Group, a Vancouver based company that provides outsourced human resources service, strategy, and support to organizations in the non-union private sector.

Like many others at a young age, Cori was unsure about the type of career path she wanted to pursue. After experiencing a variety of jobs, she discovered a passion for helping people and supporting their growth. Together with her strong entrepreneurial desire to start her own business, Cori founded Jouta in 2007 and has been the CEO for more than 6 years.

Having been in the HR industry for many years, Cori has seen HR evolve from only being recruitment and employee engagement to what it is today – something “more than just taking care of the people”. She believes that HR foundations should be built around a company’s strategic objectives, including the vision and mission, to office ambience and smell. This alignment can be seen in Jouta’s own office, where the placement of objects and furniture were carefully chosen so that anybody in the office can feel the Jouta culture.

Cori says that the most enjoyable part of her job is the ability to make an impact and learn every day. She recommends students who are interested in HR to strive to have a strong understanding in the people aspect of HR. She also recommends students explore the different career paths in HR in order to gain specific knowledge and specialize in their area of interest.

To students who may be unsure about their career path and interests, Cori suggests they gain exposure to different opportunities, since every experience will add value and help with personal growth. She advises students to “not be caught up in arriving somewhere, [but to] be a part of the journey, and not be in a hurry”.

Jouta has quickly risen to become a top HR company known for their tailor-made Human Resources (HR) Solutions. The HR Solutions assist organizations to achieve success in their goals and build a stronger framework for their clients. Jouta’s leadership in the HR industry creates a positive impact in the community due to their commitment in creating outstanding methods of solid HR services.

Jouta’s continuous support for the community is represented by their “J”, which is made up of a series of dots to represent superabundance for themselves and their clients.