2017 Spring Soirée Organizing Committee

Enveloped by passion of student leadership, we laugh, think, work hard and call it one heck of a day. Even through our comedy of errors, we love each other at our worst and learn to be thankful for do-overs. But before introducing the Organizing Committee of Spring Soirée 2017 individually, 1) We are ecstatic to meet you in person, 2) You’re not going to want to miss Spring Soirée 2017, 3) You’re already on our list!

Project Manager

Sarah Jo

Hi! I’m Sarah Jo. I’m a second year business student pursuing to concentrate in Accounting and Operations Management. I am a big fan of baby snuggles, eating ice cream on the beach, and everything pink. All in that order.

What is the most exciting part of your role?

2017 Spring Soirée OC is my home team. As the Project Manager, I have the privilege to oversee six of the most talented individuals grow new friendships, learn new skills, and achieve their potential to become outstanding leaders. Spring Soirée 2017 has some grand memories in store and I can feel it in my bones that you won’t want to miss it.


Logistics Coordinator

Jane Chang

Hi everyone, I'm Jane! I am a second year business student planning to concentrate in MIS and Marketing. My hobbies include taking 1 hour naps that become 6 hour ones (accidentally of course) and refusing to wear any colour except for various shades of black.

What is one valuable lesson that you have learned as part of your role?

No matter what task needs to be done, the one thing that's imperative in completing a task is consistency and clear communication! Also, SFU Surrey is the best place to have meetings because there are escalators and Chatime is only a 5 minute walk away.

External Coordinator

 Deep Janjua

Hello Everyone! I’m Deep Janjua and I’m in my fourth year at Beedie concentrating in Human Resources Management. I am passionate about working with kids, my two super adorable dogs, and mid-day naps!

How did you find yourself applying for this position?

I first got involved with HRSA as a volunteer for HR NOW. Although my role was limited, I fell in love with the people I was working with and atmosphere we created together. I knew right away that I had to apply to the Spring Soirée OC team and I am so glad that I did!

As external relations coordinator, I have the exciting job of securing professionals for the event so that students can build their networking experience. I can't wait for you all to see what we have to offer you this year!


External Coordinator

May Ng

Hi everyone! I’m May Ng. I’m a first year business student planning to concentrate in Marketing. I love karaoking, eating food, and watching movies with friends.

What about this External Relations Coordinator position appealed to you?

The idea of expanding my network and communication skills appealed to me most. Having the opportunity to connect with professionals and ensuring that students get the best networking experience is the reason why I love my role. Get ready to see what Spring Soirée 2017 has to offer!



Corporate Relations Coordinator

Grace Lee

Hi everyone! My name is Grace and I am a 3rd year business student concentrating in Human Resource Management and Marketing. Some of my passions include hiking #PNWlife, traveling, playing with my cat and eating ice cream no matter what the season.

What is one tangible skill that you have learned so far?

I am super excited to be working with such a dynamic group of creative thinkers. In our supportive and inclusive environment, I have improved my team building skills where I utilized effective communication to foster and encourage team collaboration while planning Spring Soirée 2017!


Corporate Relations Coordinator

Jennifer Wen

Hey everyone! My name is Jennifer Wen and I am a first year student planning to concentrate in Marketing and Human Resources. Outside of school, I enjoy eating and spending time with friends.

What is the #1 quality you love about the 2017 Spring Soirée team?

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”- Ralph Waldo Emerson. The #1 quality I love about the Spring Soirée team is the energetic atmosphere. I can’t wait to see everyone at Spring Soiree and showcase the enthusiastic work accomplished by our team!


Marketing Coordinator

Raven Bruan

Hello! I’m Raven and I’m currently a first year student at SFU Beedie. Upon my entrance to first year at SFU, I wanted to develop tangible skills in addition to creating meaningful relationships with others. I believe that being in the Organizing Committee of the Spring Soirée is a step towards the right direction.

What do you hope to see at Spring Soirée 2017?

Extending an open invitation especially to those who have not yet attended a networking event, I hope to see new faces at Spring Soirée 2017! I expect Spring Soirée 2017 to serve as an opportunity for all attendees to step out of their comfort zone. The best is yet to come and I am beyond excited for the succession of our silent auction and the new heights Spring Soirée 2017 is going to achieve!