HR”ice”A: Kicking off the Fall Semester!

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Last Wednesday, we kicked off the new school year with our icebreaker, HR”ice”A; it was great seeing so much excitement about HR from first years, all the way to sixth years! Tina Bui (Marketing and Design Official) and Jennifer Gutzmann (External Relations Official) started the evening off with 2 icebreaker games: Pods, and Connect the Parts. It took a bit of time for our attendees to get comfortable with the instructions, but let’s just say things escalated quickly once the “ice” was “broken”.

After getting everyone pumped up, we watched Tina and Jennifer’s presentation about all that HRSA has to offer in the Fall term. On top of our FREE workshops for members, I sure hope that everyone is familiar with what the HR NOW Conference is all about! In case you missed the icebreaker, make sure you keep yourself updated with our events and opportunities through our Facebook and Twitter accounts! Also feel free to reach out to our execs as well; they are the best HRSA ambassadors around!

A huge thanks to Supreme Pizza and Nester’s Market for their sponsorship of pizza and refreshments! As everyone enjoyed their food, execs and attendees alike mingled to get to know more about what they want to see from HRSA, and how they would like to get involved. The best part was that we had a lineup of HR enthusiasts who took the initiative to join HRSA as a member and be active in their campus involvement. These people will not be missing out on all the useful workshops and tips that we are here to provide!

We are so happy to see everyone come out to our first official event in of the school year – thank you! If you missed this one, there are lots of other events just around the corner, in fact the next one, Recruitment 101, is on October 7th! Want more information about our events and your membership opportunities? Send us a quick message on Facebook, or email one of our execs!

By Jocelyn Tang