BCHRMA Info Session: Changes to the CHRP

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On October 16, our organization hosted a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) information session to address the recent changes occurring to the designation. We invited Patrick Florencio, the Post Secondary Liaison from the British Columbia Human Resource Management Association (BCHRMA), to speak about: his organization, the resources it provides, the changes to the CHRP designation, and the implications these changes entail. Patrick was accompanied by two other speakers: Alanna Goodman, CHRP candidate and Natalia Venida, CHRP working at MNP. Goodman and Venida spoke about how the CHRP benefited them in pursuing their careers in the HR industry. In sum, the information session gave the students present a good idea of transitioning from a CHRP candidate title to a full-fledged CHRP.

At the information session, Patrick announced that there would no longer be a practical exam to the CHRP designation known as the National Professional Practice Assessment (NPPA). The last sitting for this exam will occur in June 2013. Those who would like to obtain their CHRP after June 2013 will need to fulfill the “practical experience requirement.” This means that CHRP candidates will need to fulfill two out of the seven Required Professional Competencies along with a minimum of three years of experience in an HR role. For more information regarding to the changes of the CHRP, please click here.

If you are currently preparing for your National Knowledge Exam (NKE) or National Professional Practice Assessment, it is recommended that you visit the BCHRMA website for resources and study sessions.

As a CHRP candidate, Alanna explained how she obtained her job at Staples. Alanna’s hiring manager at Staples was impressed with her knowledge of HR (that she had gained through her previous experiences) during her job interview. She also explained that she learned most of her HR terms and theories from studying for the NKE.

The second speaker, Natalia, began her career as an HR generalist by gaining experience from all aspects of HR. She discussed how the CHRP designation set her apart from other business professionals because she had the practical experience and the CHRP designation that many others did not have. As a member of the BCHRMA, Natalia encourages students to get involved with BCHRMA because it is the easiest way to meet mentors and build connections with professionals in the HR industry.

At the end of the night, Patrick and Stephanie, our VP of Corporate Relations and BCHRMA student liaison, picked out names for various prizes including a full year of BCHRMA membership, a free pass to any BCHRMA events, and more.

If you were unable to attend the information session, be sure to attend the next one held on February 12! We will be updating you with more information and there will be more prizes and giveaways!