7 Great Networking Tips

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  1. Practice Your Elevator Pitch
    Know how to introduce yourself effectively and try to keep it to 30 seconds. Be sure to include: your name (that’s the most important part!), what you’re doing (school, working, and extra-curriculars), what your goal is, and even some of your interests.
  2. Aim for Quality, Not Quantity
    Your goal should not be to collect as many business cards as possible. Have meaningful conversations with people and start to build relationships. You’ll be much more memorable in the long term.
  3. Ask Questions
    Everyone at this event has something interesting to share, whether it is their accomplishments, their journey, or their interests. Questions are the easiest to get to know someone.
  4. Don’t Keep Your Friends Close
    It’s natural to want to stick with your friends in a room full of strangers, but you won’t meet anybody new this way. Be sure to put yourself out there and don’t be afraid of introducing yourself.
  5. Pay Attention to Body Language
    How you are standing can say a lot – crossed arms can make you seem unapproachable while standing up straight can help you exude confidence. Try to face the room to avoid closing yourself off.
  6. Business Cards
    These are best exchanged after you have established a rapport. Treat others’ cards with respect – take the time to look down and read the card briefly when you are handed one. Tip: pass your card with the text facing the other person (it’s easier to read).
  7. Follow Up
    Pay attention and try taking notes after you finish a conversation with someone – use what you’ve talked about to follow up with them after the event. Send a quick email or a (personalized) LinkedIn invitation if you feel that you were able to connect with them.