5 Reasons Why You Should Attend HRSA Spring Soirée

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1. Expose Yourself to New Ideas and Insights

Spring Soirée will feature three keynote speakers who will deliver their focus on change management from both professional and personal standpoints; each distinguished speaker will be sharing their insights and experiences to enlighten attendees on how to manage change in different environments. By exposing yourself to new ideas and listening to others’ insights, you can incorporate the industry professional’s expertise and experiences, and use them as a guiding tool when paving your own route to success.

2. Increase Your Visibility

Simply using LinkedIn to build your network is not enough, you must attend networking events to gain face-to-face interaction with like-minded individuals and industry professionals. By becoming more visible, you will attract the eye of industry professionals much easier as people will begin to recognise you. This form of action will help you build your reputation and also provide you with opportunities to get more leads and/or referrals as you will be the first person to pop into someone’s mind when they are looking for candidates, with skills and attributes similar to yourself, that meet their criteria.

3. Hone Your Networking Skills

There will be networking throughout the evening where students and industry professionals will have the opportunity to build invaluable relationships with one another, while also receiving exposure to the industries students are interested in. In addition, networking is one of those useful skills where you will receive a great amount of unique opportunities and experiences in the long run.

Spring Soirée provides First and Second Years a safe platform where they will be given a chance to gain more networking experiences. In addition, if you attended events like SFU’s BASS Banquet, Spring Soirée gives you an opportunity to try out their new learned networking skill. For Third and Fourth Years, Spring Soirée provides the perfect setting for students looking for co-op or internship placements over the next two terms, as there will be countless amount of industry professionals, from many different companies, that students can network with.

4. Form Relationships that will Go a Long Way

Spring Soirée brings together like-minded industry professionals and students. Building ties and forming acquaintances with professionals during the event can help you both personally and professionally in the future! Who knows, perhaps you may even find an individual that you look up to and would like him or her be your professional mentor!

However, remember that simply trading business cards is not enough to form a relationship. It is the following up that you will do after 1-3 days upon receiving their business card. Make an impact. Make an impression. Most importantly, make sure they remember who you are. Similarly to any other types of relationships, business relationships take a great amount of effort to form, but they also go a long way once they are formed and continued right!

5. Get Involved and Help Out Your Community

Spring Soirée will conclude the event with a silent auction where all proceeds will be going towards Free the Children – an international charity operating in over 45 countries to educate and empower students to become leaders of tomorrow. The proceeds will assist the charity in organizing campaigns and fundraisers to raise awareness and provide support for youths all over the world. Last year, Spring Soirée raised a total of $340 for the Union Gospel Mission; let us continue this inspiring trend and raise even more for Free the Children!

“Be the change you want to like to see in the world!”

Featured photo by Julian Fok

Written by Annie Lo, Communications Coordinator of SFU HRSA Spring Soirée Organizing Committee